Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sleep and Noise Makers

A common question I get is if it's healthy to sleep with background noise. Some people feel like they sleep better if there is a background noise to break up the silence.

I explain that some noise can help certain people sleep better. In fact, my family and I all use the Sleep Sound Generator, which generates a soothing white noise. Here is a picture of the unit...

Not all noises are created equal. Constant white noise is better than the changing tones of a television or radio. Before we got the Sleep Sound Generators, we used a CD put on continuous replay that played white noise, like that heard on analog radios in between stations. However, the CD players were unreliable, and the white noise CD lasted only about an hour. When the CD finished playing, the volume would die down over a few seconds until the CD began playing again. This on-off-on again would sometimes wake one of us up. The Sleep Sound Generator plays the same volume of white noise continuously all night long. Now, I miss it if I stay in a hotel and don't have my white noise.

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