Friday, November 26, 2010

Power Naps at Work

I loved the show Seinfeld. In the episode called "The Nap", George has a carpenter make some adjustments on his desk at work so that he can take secret naps and not be caught by his boss (George Steinbrenner at the time).

There is an article about napping at work from US News and World Report. Apparently, more companies are allowing employees to nap at work, usually on their work break. Employers say it increases the nappers well-being and their mood.

One employee keeps a "nap mat" in her office. Perhaps it looks like this?

Some companies offer reclining chairs and "renewal rooms." Another company offers a cot in a Zen-like room with smoothing earth tones or a beach-themed room inside an "energy pod." Finally, some companies will pay for their employees to go to a company that charges for naps - customers can take power naps in private rooms with aromatherapy, music, or nature sounds.

The article also mentions keeping the naps brief to avoid post-nap grogginess. I suggest to people that if they need to nap, keep it less than 30 minutes (by using an alarm) and take the nap before 3 pm to avoid making it tough to fall asleep that night.

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