Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sleepover

There was an article recently about sleepovers. The author talked to psychologists about the topic. They say the appropriate age is 7 to 9 years to start. If you have a child younger than seven, they might not be ready emotionally for the sleepover. Also, you should make sure your child is emotionally ready, even if they are seven or older. Some kids just aren't ready to sleep in a different place and/or away from mom or dad. If you feel your kid is too young or just not ready, the psychologists suggest an extend visit where the kids have dinner, watch a movie, and then are home by 10 PM.

They say that two kids is best for a sleepover, as more than that can be difficult to control and gets more complicated. Have your child bring their favorite pillow, a stuffed animal, a sleeping bag, their cell phone, and even a flash light. Also, sleeping in the bedroom or the family room is appropriate. However, the psychologists warn about having kids sleep together in a bedroom if it is a co-ed sleepover, especially if the kids are a little older.

If you have dietary preferences for your child, you need to discuss this before with the parents of the kid who is having the sleepover. Also, remind your child of the rules regarding what they can eat. As a parent, you should also attempt to find out what the activity plan is before - a movie, video games, etc. If you don't want your child to watch the movie or play the video games, politely decline the offer for the sleepover.

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