Friday, August 5, 2011

Crowne Plaza Hotel and Snoring

The Crowne Plaza Hotel chain, owned by InterContinental Hotels Group, recently unveiled a room designed to minimize snoring. The rooms have soundproofed walls and sound-absorbing headboards. A white noise machine is provided in the room. They provide a wedge pillow for the snorer to sleep on - this could reduce snoring some by changing the angle of the upper airway and lessening gravity's affect. Finally, there is an anti-snore pillow which uses magnetic fields to open the airway and stiffen the soft palate. I was all for this until the anti snore pillow with magnets. I've never heard of it and am not sure how the magnets will improves snoring at all. But the other additions should make the snoring less bothersome to the other person.

I would add that ear plugs might help. Minimizing alcohol consumption and other sedating medications before bedtime could reduce snoring. Sleeping on your sides, rather than your back, can reduce snoring in some. And if the snorer has obstructive sleep apnea, they should bring their CPAP with them to the hotel. Both people will sleep better with that.

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