Friday, April 12, 2013

Dr. Oz gets sued for insomnia treatment recommendation

This has received lots of press. Here is an article that discusses what happened. Apparently, Dr. Oz recommended a home remedy to sleep better - putting heated rice in your socks at night to warm your feet. This makes no sense to me. It sounds like Dr. Oz is trying to cool the body by drawing blood to the feet, which then loses the heat. One of his viewers has diabetic neuropathy, and has reduced sensation in his feet. The viewer put on socks with rice in them and suffered 3rd degree burns. That viewer is suing Dr. Oz's show, saying he should have warned viewers about the risk of getting burned.

I understand what Dr. Oz was trying to accomplish - people find it easier to sleep when their bodies are cooler. However, there are safer ways to do that than the heated-rice-in-your-socks method.

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