Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Napping, impulsivity, and frustration tolerance

Sleep loss can increase the chances of acting impulsively as well as the ability to handle frustration. And for some people, extra sleep can improve frustration tolerance and decrease impulsive behavior. This article is about research on how planned napping may help. I don't have access to the full article, so I can only discuss what's in this article.

The researchers studied 40 adults, ages 18-50 years old. They had the participants keep a regular sleep schedule for three nights and then they completed a series of computer tasks and answered questions. The participants were then randomized to either have a 60 minute nap or watch a nature video before doing the tasks and answering questions again. The results showed that the participants who napped were less impulsive and had better frustration tolerance.

The article attempts to link the study results to workplace productivity but I don't think the study was designed to evaluate that specifically. However, I could see how better-rested employees may perform better. But that productivity advantage may be offset by an hour nap at work!

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