Friday, February 22, 2013

Bed bugs on the rise (at least in Central Nebraska)

This article discusses bed bugs, which are apparently on the rise in central Nebraska. I've never seen a bed bug or had a patient come in because of bed bugs. But this article does a nice job of discussing most things you would want to know about the little guys.

The bed bugs are small and live in tight spaces in and around a bed. They feed at night - and their food is blood. Some people have more severe reactions to bed bug bites, so you can't tell if you bed bugs by how your skin may look after a feeding.

The article mentioned that you should be careful in hotels - and advised to inspect for bed bugs. If there were bed bugs in your hotel room, what would you do? I'd go to a different hotel if there was availability. Hotel bedspreads are bad enough - don't need blood sucking bugs added to the mix!

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