Monday, May 20, 2013

Exercise and diet can prevent obstructive sleep apnea from worsening.

Here is a study about obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), exercise, and diet. As you may know, OSA is associated with obesity. Weight loss can reduce the severity, and weight gain can worsen OSA over time. This study is out of Finland. Researchers followed 81 adults with mild OSA and had some follow a diet and exercise program for one year. The others did not. After 4 more years, researchers checked their weight and OSA level. Those that did the diet and exercise program lost an average of 12 pounds. Six had OSA that progressed to moderate, but none were severe. The other group gained one pound on average over the 4 years. 12 worsened to moderate OSA and two had severe OSA.

The researchers concluded that weight loss may lessen the chance of OSA worsening. This is good, as the more severe the OSA, the higher the risk of cardiovascular consequences.

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