Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Overnight diet claims to lose weight in your sleep

This article is about a new diet book. Ordinarily, I don't post about diet books. This one caught my attention because of it's claim that weight loss is related to sleep. Beware, I am only giving my opinion here about the article. I haven't read the book.

The diet plan consists of 6 days of high protein meals followed by 1 day of liquid meal. Specifics are not given. The book author claims that you will lose two pounds the first night while you sleep. The author also says that you need to get enough sleep, 8 hours, because lack of sleep is what makes you hungry.

If you read the article, there is some criticism about the rapid weight loss. I agree with the statement that the 2 pounds of overnight weight loss is almost entirely water. Basically, this diet is low carb. Of course you will lose weight - but it's mostly water in the beginning. Also, sleep deprivation is not why we get hungry. It's more complicated than that.

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